It’s official, this is my last blog post.  I am leaving June 1st to attend business school.  I have been with DigiLabs Pro  for  six years and have enjoyed every moment in the innovative environment here at DigiLabs.  I have loved working with,  and seeing the creativity of, the professional photographers I work with on a daily basis.  I have made some wonderful friends and met some very talented people. Thank you for helping me grow and develop my passion.

With that said, I am excited to announce a great new product here at DigiLabs, but first let me share a little background.


The photo industry  has a past rich with change and innovation. The most recent ground breaking discovery was the introduction of digital photography, which quickly eliminated years of loyal film rolls. These technological advancements have been devastating to many in the photo market. Even some of the most notable innovators in the photo space  have failed to reinvent themselves and, as a result, have lost significant market share. This transformation has expanded the reach of photography. Can you imagine Facebook or Twitter without photography?

Change is in the air and we are still an industry of transformation.   One of the most recent developments is the accessibility and affordability of equipment and products.  The barriers of entry to the pro market have come down significantly.  Costs decreased and technology grew, allowing an easy entry to many new photographers. At the same time, growth in technology has given consumers access to customizable products, previously available only to professionals.  We are use to seeing these changes, in 2002 DigiLabs was the first company to introduce a digitally printed press product to the professional market – double sided press printed proof books. At that time, many photographers swore to never abandon film for digital. Change never comes easy.

Right now most professional photographers are coming to terms with the balance of offering high res images and the accessibility (to clients) of the very photo products they used to base their offerings on.  Today, professional photographers’ offering is based on selling a service of time and talent. Previously, professionals offered packages, which focused around products such as albums. As a matter of fact, most photographers never imagined giving their clients the images they, the photographers, owned. Selling products, rather than time, enabled photographers to present their client with a complete package.

In the past few years the industry has changed dramatically. The debate of what to do with the high resolution images is common in forums and industry gatherings. The underlying trend is clear- a s much as we might want to resist change we cannot possibly ignore the overwhelming demand of clients. A growing number of customers are interested in paying a photographer for his/her time and talent, rather than for a product.  Due to the growing number of retail companies offering photographic products, many customers are opting to create their own albums, books, cards, and prints. Market research shows that approximately 50% of brides today state that they want to purchase high resolution images from their wedding photographer in order to self create,  and that it is a vital factor in making a decision about their photographer.

The Future: Client Creations

DigiLabs has once again come up with a revolutionary and innovative system, allowing  professional photographers to gain some control and COMPETE in this new market. Our goal is to make it easy – eliminate clients’ endless changes to albums, forget about  working on weddings a year after you shot them, gone are the hours spent in front of your computer post processing images.  Now, you can spend the time shooting & marketing your business.

We are excited to announce our unique line of products called Client Creations.   This is a complete album package that let’s the client create flush mount photographic albums.  The photographer sells the bride a beautiful leather box, which includes everything she needs to design and order a high end flush mount album. Utilizing easy to use design software that includes professionally designed wedding templates, your bride is able to use the high resolution images she purchased from you to create a truly one-of-a-kind product.  This is not a product that can be compared to a simple photo book.   Now, you do not have to compromise the look of your printed work, as we only utilize professional photographic paper, handcrafted  binding, and full color correction of each image in the album.  Yes, color correction of each image within the album.  This ensures that your work will shine.  Client Creations is available in five packages at various price points.

This is not to say that you should not offer professionally designed albums or packages to your clients. This is simply a method for approaching the client base that is currently NOT buying products from you.

Client Creations is available to professional photographers now, at wholesale price on DigiLabs Pro.  You then set your own price (MSRP is provided) and sell this to your DIY brides (or those who did not purchase an album).  It’s a win-win situation. Your client is happy because they can maintain creation control, treasure their most memorable moments in a professional album that will last a lifetime, and know that they are getting a great affordable deal.  You win because you gain your clients’ business back, know that your images will shine, and won’t have to worry about design, callbacks and client relations – We’ll do all the work for you!

Finally a solution to help you compete with online retailers.  Learn more about Client Creations on our website.

DigiLabs is committed to innovate and help photographers navigate the never ending changes in this marketplace.

As I depart I would like to say thank you for the last six years.  I know you are in great hands – with some of the industries greatest visionaries and experts here at DigiLabs.   It has been great working with you!