As the wedding season really gears up I thought it would be helpful to do a post on building client relationships.  Client relationships are important to build customer retention and bridging customers from one product to other products…Oh and let’s not forget providing excellent customer service.  Gosh, this sounds an awful lot like my role as account manager here at DigiLabs!  In the end by implementing stellar customer service in your studio you will set your business apart and keep your clients coming back.

Okay, I don’t expect you to run off and hire me immediately (Editors note: I would like to mention Kate is not for sale) but I do suggest considering ways to make your customer’s connect with you and your studio.  Obviously taking superb photos is important, but what can do to go above and beyond the average photographer?

You want to make your customer feel special, so why not send them a personalized gift as a thank you for booking with you?  You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to do this.  Here are some creative gift ideas that will make them remember you when their friends get married or better yet, for their family portrait, baby photos and on….And they won’t break the bank.  I’ve kept all my ideas UNDER $20.

1. Thank you postcards: This one is super easy.  Postcards are an awesome option because:

  • It let’s your customers know your offer press printed cards (through DigiLabs :D)
  • It’s easy to design (very easy in our software)
  • You have the art to make it personalized

Use one of your spectacular images and create press printed cards.  I suggest doing postcards because I think they are more stylish, it requires less postage and is less expensive for you.  Create a pack for your bride and groom and they are sure to order 5 more to thank their guests for coming.  Also, add your logo subtly with your URL and you’ve got yourself some direct (snail mail) marketing.

2. The killer wedding play list: I love this idea because it is so incredibly easy and can be mass produced for all your couples or picked with love for each and every booking.  Your couple will enjoy it because it will really get them in the mood for their big day.  You can even customize each couple with their song as the last track.

Need some playlist ideas?  Check out

3. Personalized Calendar: Not only is this easy to make but it is extremely practical.  For under $20 you can make an amazing calendar for your bride & groom to remember their first year.  DigiLabs’ fast track feature in our software can help you make the calendar in minutes.  Just add your art, your logo and any personalized text.  Not only will they appreciate this work of art, showcase it on their office wall (with your name and number handy), but they will be reminded of what a good job you did every day!

4. Monogrammed tote bags: These are easy and fun and can be personalized with the couples name or initials.  You can even add your logo! I found this amazing post on a DIY project if you’re that kind of person or you can buy online for the MULTITUDE of vendors out there.  It is also a great packaging idea – just put their finished album, proof magazine or high-resolution disc in their new personalized bag.

5. Emergency Bridal Kit: This is something you could present as soon as a bride signs up with you or present it to her on her wedding day.  It is really thoughtful and could be a lifesaver.  You can buy online or make your own!

So now you see, it’s not that hard or expensive to connect with your clients or make them feel special.  Do you have some ideas?  Post in the comments and share!